Move Blocks Continuously Between Patterns

is it possible? I cant make it happen.

I tried the new nudge feature with Track In Song selected, but the notes just disappears when they reach the end of the pattern.

Help needed… Thanks in advance

It’s a bit the same problem as with expanding the pattern… if you do not toggle the safety checkbox, notes on the bottom disappear.

The problem why they cannot be shifted into the next pattern is very simple:

This is your sequence:

To what area would you like to have your top notes being shifted if your bottom notes have to be nudged back into the same pattern?
The above example would be very clear.

Usually such problems become less obvious if there is a different pattern in between:

The world of impossible digital loopbacks sucks, but those are the situations that may never occur at any cost. Even the cost of situations that would make the feature very valuable:they would make any particular crash unbearable.

maybe 1 pattern with many lines?
with the new structure that limit of 512 lines could be done away with right?

It can be done by Joining as many patterns as possible, but I mean, if all patterns are Unique it should go smoothly aswell…

vV 's post is onpoint, but if the user (you/me) are aware of that small issue it’s totally implementable.

Could a moderarator post this in the suggestion forum aswell?

Moved to the ideas and suggestions forum completely.

I could add to this idea that if this should happen, that Renoise makes you an offer to either create a new unique pattern and then do the shifting to that new pattern or that you can choose to ignore the move at all and not nudge the notes or nudges them within the borders of the current pattern.

Is that a good idea?

Yes super.

Could it be done within the release of 2.0 rc1 Taktik?