Move/Copy Automation With Dsp In Mixer View

Right, I promise this is my last for today ;)

Mixer view is great for managing tracks and their DSP devices, but copying a DSP device or moving it to a new track won’t duplicate or bring over its parameters’ automation tracks to the new channel. It would be absolutely brilliant if it did! (Same goes in the Track DSPs view at the bottom; I’m just using Mixer view as an example because that’s where I first noticed the issue).

On this general theme, it would also be great if the right-click context menu for DSP devices in Track DSPs and Mixer view included an option to copy all associated automation so it could be pasted into an extant device of the same type but in a different track and with different settings. If the paste target wasn’t compatible, either an error message or it simply doesn’t have any effect. Though maybe this is redundant, since you could just copy the device (with the new behaviour proposed earlier) and then copy and paste the device settings, which functionality already exists… Okay, I think I’ve talked myself out of that one :)

Anyone else find this useful?