Move Sample From One Instrument To The Other

Hi there,

how can I move a sample that is part of one instrument into another one?
For instance, I like to use one drumsample per instrument when quickly browsing for samples, but afterwards I might want to put everything into one instrument, thus I need to move all the samples from their instruments into another one.


Open them in the sample editor
Select all and cut
Create a new sample in the instrument you want to copy it to (little plus sign on the left of the sample list)
Paste it


Thanks, that seems to work. Maybe for the future a copy paste in the instrument/sample selector would be nice.


Personally i would prefer to see the drag n drop extended to between instruments
That would be perfect for me


Sure, that would also be nice.


I was just looking at this the other day, copy and paste instrument too!


I’m sure this’ll be brought in with the new xrni structure.