Move Sync To Jack Transport From Prefs To Renoise Transport

This is regarding the linux build and it’s Jack interoperability.

I’ve left reports on strange behavior using when the sync to jack transport button in the prefs is enabled in the bug reports thread. In a nutshell if you have this checked you can not jump to previous or next patterns when pattern loop is enabled, even if the Jack transport is not rolling.

If issue is not going to be addressed it would be a good idea to raise that sync to jack button out of the prefs and by the renoise transport and at the very least make the button bindable by a keyboard shortcut so that when you do want to edit patterns in loop mode you can without having to stop playback, go to the pattern, then hit play.

+1. I’m having problems with jack transport too. Having the Jack Transport Sync button somewhere in sight and MIDI-mappable would be a good workaround, I think.