"Move To Back/Front Of Dsp Chain" Context Menu Entries

DSP chains can be long, and moving DSP’s amongst them can be annoying. When you add a new device to a chain, it always gets appended to the end of the chain, and this is ok, but if you need to place the DSP at the beginning of the chain, it can be nice to simply rightclick the mover arrow <= edit: it already works.

also, context menu entries such as “send to beginning” and “send to end” would be appreciated.

Personally, when I need to insert a new device at the front of the chain, I simply drag it from the list and into the correct position in the DSP chain.

I’m a little confused by this, because this is exactly what Renoise already does, and it’s been that way for quite some time. Does the feature work normally for you? I guess if it’s not working for some reason, then it would seem like the feature doesn’t exist in the first place. Is that why you’re requesting it here, or did I just misunderstand your wording?

Yes, this would be nice. There are already “Move Left” and “Move Right” options there, so having “Move To Front” and “Move To Back” would be handy as well.


I must have eaten something bad to overlook this…?! but you are right, it works like this…
probably the fact that the focus does not get set to the moved DSP (which is fine) confused me because there was some similar DSP next to the one I moved, then I simply undoed the movement and went here to rant :).

Thanks for this thread, it’s educated me. Never thought of drag and dropping to get an effect in the correct place in the DSP chain to start and didn’t know about the right clicking to move to beginning/end.

It would be nice if DSP chain can move in a way that the mouse pointer would still be positioned on the same button when you click move to left/right buttons. This way the user can rapidly re-position DSPs.

Could be useful, but let’s not forget that instead of using the < and > buttons, it’s also possible to physically drag the DSP devices around in the chain and the cursor will follow them. It’s also much, much faster if you re-arrange your devices via the Mixer view.

Yes it is done faster in the mixer view, but in the track DSP’s pane it’s very slow. And I don’t think it can be a good way to shift to mixer view everytime you want to reposition a DSP.

edit: The same thing can be useful for adding/deleting note/code columns in tracks in the pattern editor. I remember it has been discussed before, but not implemented.

I suppose it could be a little faster for me personally, but obviously I cannot speak for everyone. If it scrolled faster, there could be people who feel that it’s a bit out of control and difficult to position devices where they intended. Seems like the answer could be to let the user set the speed via the GUI preferences.

No, of course not, but if you find yourself with a lot of device re-arranging to do, it’s a sensible option.

Something else to consider… in the preferences under Keys > Track DSPs Chain > Navigation there are two shortcuts for Move Device Left and Move Device Right, which I personally have mapped to CTRL+Left Arrow and CTRL+Right Arrow, respectively. If you give focus to the desired DSP device (by middle-clicking on it for example), then you can reposition it using the keyboard, and Renoise will actually scroll the chain left and right to keep the selected device in view at all times. I know this is not exactly what you were thinking, but perhaps it’ll help in the meantime.

Another thing that might help is if you minimise all devices first, which is available in the right-click menu or via CTRL+Down Arrow when the device chain has focus. It’s much easier/quicker to move things around with the mouse when they’re displayed in this more compact form.

This I can definitely agree on :)

The first way you’ve mentioned helps a lot, thanks.

Yet I’d be very glad to see such small but useful features implemented. I’ve had just a few programming experience but logically these kinds of improvements doesn’t seem to be very hard to implement, or perhaps I’m wrong?