Move Track Or Pattern Notes Form One Song To Another

how to copy sequents of notes , pattern or only one track
form one song to another or from one renoise app to another separately
runing renoise app.

Bad english.

You can’t copy between two different Renoise apps currently open.
I believe that you can copy contents to one of the four clipboards, load another song and paste them right into that song from there.

The next edition allows you to paste pattern data anywhere else (as well as pasting it in the notepad if you like to view the XML contents of your note structure)

to bad
i am using renoise for a while 2 or 3 years
i do lots of variations of the same song
and some times som instrument solos i need to exchange in these versions of song so
simple function such “pattern save o track save” would be great.

pasting it in the notepad would be nice,what about contra pasteing from notepad?

you will be able to do this in the next version