Movie-like Experiences In Your Life?

Everybody has them! What are some of the more surreal movie-like experiences you’ve had in your life?

My best one would probably be the fall of 2003, my gf and I were staying in Chicago for a couple of days. We didn’t go back to my friend’s apartment to sleep one night, and instead decided to sleep under a large sculpture in a park which was right next to lake michigan, in downtown Chicago. We woke up early, before the sun rose (probably a little before 6am) and it was starting to get light outside. We started walking down the street back into downtown and the streets were completely EMPTY. No cars, no people, nothing. Like a movie where the whole population of the earth has died and we were the only survivors. I guess it was empty because it was so early and it might have been a Sunday too (can’t remember)
As we were walking, we passed a newspaper vending machine, and on the front page of the newspaper that day, the headline was: “Arnold Schwartzenegger elected governor of California”.
She and I just looked at each other and screamed! It was like we were in some kind of bizarre alternate future like in the movie “Running Man”

Unforgettable experience


So what’s yours?

man… i love being out in the night when no ones around.
i get in this surreal state of utopia when i go to the all night or open late grocery stores. everything is clean, with no one around pulling their crazy manifestations around with them i get this ultimate sense of peace. something about being in any place where everyone is gone, gives me a wonderful sense of solace.

several months ago i felt ghost hacked (ie gits)
for about a month, i imagine it was pretty boring for them, but , seeing what is on that other side of the unknown it was Mind Blowing for me.

My most thrilling move-like experience was when the ‘Bam’ earthquake shook near 1/4th of Iran for 60 seconds. I was on the roof trying to align a satellite receiver dish when the earthquake began. I could see/feel all the city trembling beneath my feet. Horrible experience and really movie-like.