Moving An Entire Column In A Song To Another Column?

The title is pretty much the question :) I’m familiar with the options you get for cutting and pasting using the side bar on the right but when I change it to “Pattern in song” the cut and paste options become greyed out. Is there a way around this or am I going to have to move everything pattern by pattern?

The person who comes up with the solution gets 5… points!

You can swap complete tracks, but not a single column unfortunately.
The option is greyed out because this stuff is complex.
A separate clipboard for each pattern should be made to move stuff around.
While for the stuff that works for the whole song, the only thing that needs to be done is changing pointers and won’t require to put data inside clipboards. This is the reason why some things can be done globally on the whole song and why specific things cannot be done.

You can drag the mouse over a column in one pattern and drag it to another track, but you’d have to go through each pattern one at a time.