Moving Discop To Middleview?

Even if you could see a (smaller) waveform on the side like Pysj made a drawing of?

Btw: The discop now already has quick prehearing, so the samples are played
automatically while you navigate through the files.

Would it be possible to have an official poll on this issue?


  1. Bring on the new disc-op I`m sick of the small view

  2. Keep the small view I`m quite happy with it, other features are more important to me

  3. Keep the small view in conjunction with new improved disc-op

don’t understand this change for v1.3. the disk-ops changed within v1.2 and now … it’s simply ok as it is and the usability is ok too … AND Renoise isn’t a sampler it’s simply a sequencer (ok it’s more … but in the main point of view;) ) …

full screen disk-op in Renoise is like a full screen layer window in photoshop > i can manage the layers without looking the result. strange idea … <_<

I like it very much! I wouldn’t mind about creating some weird “advanced” modes and such stuff, just kick the diskop into the middle.

The big difference is that you cannot hear the results in photoshop :)

look into the future … what’s the future of Renoise … a sampler with more and more sampler features or a revolution in music sequencers ???

but on the other side … it’s no disadvantage for me … diskops in the middle view: only useful for sample-junkies ;)

ánother suggestion:

keeping the old diskops and add a new one within the sample editor

look at this draft

(the horizontal size of the sample view and the sample diskops should be variable)

I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad. An improved discop would be a shame to pass up on.

As a sidenote, why doesn’t Renoise play the loop-points when ‘previewing’? It ignoires them and stops at the end.

I like the Pysj idea.

While you are at it, you could rethink the usability for the ± and arrow keys in the small instrument box. I wrote some thoughts on it here… it may not be the best solution, but as it is now its a bit confusing too me. I may be a couple of years late with this