Moving From Modplug To Renoise


I’ve been using modplug for a few years now, and loving it for the most part. I’ve recently begun using more powerful VST’s and modplug doesn’t seem to be man enough for the job anymore. I’m looking to upgrade to renoise, so I’ve been playing around with the demo and naturally trying to make the interface (particularly in the pattern editor) to be as close to mpt as possible. I have a few questions about some small simple things that I do all the time in modplug, but can’t seem able to do in renoise.

  • Deleting selections: I was a bit shocked, when I had a selection highlighted, and hit “delete,” nothing happened. You seem to only be able to delete one row at a time. Is there a way to delete everything within a secondary (block) highlight, rather than just the note or effect in the primary highlight? You do seem to be able to just drag a block off the pattern and it goes away, but that makes me nervous. I’m not sure if it’s really gone or if it’s going to pop up somewhere later and haunt me.

-Highlighting volume/panning/effect columns: I often grab volume/panning/effect parameters off of other tracks in modplug, but in renoise you don’t seem to be able to copy those parts of the track without copying the note column.

-Keyboard layout: Is it possible to customize the entire keyboard layout (including note input)? Modplug has several options, and I’ve always used: Q - ] = c-4 - b-5; \ = b-6, A - ’ = c-5 - a#6; z - / = c-6 - a-7; 1-9 sets octave. I’ve grown accustomed to that layout, and i can change, but I’d rather like to have it back. Is there a way to customize note keys?

Hopefully there’s a way to accomplish those things that i just haven’t read in any of the tutorials. other than those small issues, I’m really enjoying renoise. :)
Thanks in advance for any help or comments.

Hi, and welcome to Renoise.

  1. use LCTRL+X (the standard “cut” shortcut) to delete the current selection

  2. use Advanced Edit to define selection masks (i.e.: what to select and what not)

  3. keyboard customization can be entirely done using Edit => Preferences => Keys. However, you cannot change the notes shortcuts