Moving Selected Area Instead Of Reselecting Area.

Since Renoise 1.9.1, selecting an area in the pattern editor using the mouse and then clicking and dragging inside the selected area, will move the content. In 1.9.0 (and earlier), the same action would just select a new area. I agree that the new function is … functional :) but is it possible to make a new area selection, like the old way? Maybe by pressing shift or something simultaneously?

I’m asking because I often select an area in my patterns this way, and I often by mistake starts to move parts of the content in my patterns, when I really wanted to reselect an area. So I have to click outside the area and reselect.

Small question, I just bumped on this one a lot since 1.9.1.

Edit => Preferences => GUI => Delayed Drag’n’Drop

Aaah… it was that easy. Problem solved! :)

Good to know, I found that new feature extremly anoying.