Moving Send Track Among The Audio Tracks

I would like to be able to move send tracks between audio tracks too.

an old suggestion but a good one ;)

and what if multiple audio tracks are linked to a single send channel? display the send track next to all linked audio tracks then?
this would result in a redundant way of displaying send tracks, but afterall i really like the fundamental idea behind your suggestion, since it would be more easy to spot the given relations between audio and send tracks.

bit it really could become a bit tangled and unnecessarily complex, if numerous audio tracks are routed to multiple send tracks.

maybe a button on the SendDevice could move the view to the linked sendtrack.

I’m not really following you. Why should the linked send track be displayed next to every linked audio track? What i meant was just to drag and drop the send track between any track in pattern view. It’s not really necessary to show a send track next to every track, and the use of the feature would be totally up to user.

I know something similar from studios working with samplitude for instance: send-tracks are named “sub-buses” like on hardware mixers “sub-groups” … and it’s possible to positioning these tracks anywhere …