Moving Send Tracks Near Regular Tracks


I was wondering if it is possible to move send tracks near regular tracks. Some send tracks logically belong to some regular tracks. If there is grouping, the whole setup becomes messy, with a long pile of un-grouped send tracks.

Is it possible to implement this?

kind regards,
Francesco Stablum

It has been requested many times.
If it will ever happen, you won’t see it in 2.8 though. (2.8 currently has reached a feature-stop and is nearing RC status)
Devs would definately have to embed “N/A” notifications for tracks that would follow after the send-track (like the signal follower cannot process preplaced effects in its chain and trackorder) .So the posotion of the send-track will still be limited and if you want to send audio from other track groups, you have to take care those track groups are positioned to the left side of the send-track. It is already not so nice one has to shuffle tracks around to accomplish things with the follower device, if send-tracks are mingled, things can get quite complicated. Let alone the grouping.