Moving Vst Windows


I’ve got problem :] When I’m starting V2 VST, my laptop resolution is not enough and the window appears in strange way that I can’t catch it with mouse and move around. The view also lacks some important buttons so I can’t use V2 at all. Is there some key shortcut to be able to move VST windows or is there any other solution?

Does this happen when adding the VST to a totally new song, or only when loading a song that you have previously worked on?

The reason I ask is because the VST editor position is actually saved with the song. If you open the .XRNS song file with a ZIP utility, then edit the Song.xml found inside it, you’ll find something like this:

<plugindisplayname>VST: dblue: Glitch 1.3</plugindisplayname>  

(Plus lots of other related data)

You could actually edit this 529,154 to a better position that fits on your screen (0,0 for example), and then save the new .XML back into the .XRNS file. Next time you load the song, the plugin should be repositioned.

A bit of a hack, but it works. :)

This is exactly what I wanted to know, thank you! It was like this even when new song was started.