Mp3 Plugin Update

could be nice if the .dll got an update or some…half the time or more i want to import a mp3 it cant, unkown codec or some…

I made a workaround by converting my MP3s to OGG through XMPLAY. OGG does work 99% though.

And yet I agree with GKmotu

ogg is nice unless all sample archives are based on mp3 or wav, which all are…so the converting i have to do myself. ergo 3-5 days of work for that. :)

cool thing that you actualy can do it.

but fidling the dll is a must.

well, wavelab has a neat batch processing tool that would make it real easy tho, or another freeware prog.(not that wavelab is)

anyways here is another tool that i find quite useful cutting up samples automaticly. As the mainpage says: You’d like to have all samples in WAV format but you don’t want to spend countless hours cutting and trimming every sample manually using a WAV-editor?