Mp3 Section Of Liniux Faq

Think the titles says it all really. A little note of how to get MP3 importing for Linux in the Linux FAQ section of the tutorials would be nice.

But for now can anybody remind me what to do (I know it’s mentioned on this site and searching would find it but as I’m making a request anyway…)

For me it’s less to do with creating music on Renoise but more because I’m yet to find a wave editor that is better than Renoise’s one on Linux (Sweep came closest so far) and sometimes I feel some of the MP3s I download could do with a little touching up before saving.

Renoise will tell you what to do (install libmpg123) when trying to load an MP3. That’s better than any FAQ?

Sorry I am pretty new to Linux and due to the fact that to get Renoise working I have to close any media players and my web browser before starting Jack, then Renoise I didn’t have another look yesterday. I knew it said the name of the library when I last tried to open on.

Quick question though. By Install does it just require adding to the /lib folder?

Would of thought also worthwhile for the FAQ though, as both PC and Mac use Quicktime right? Whereas Linux is different. Again minor point that a bit of time to search (when I’m not hungover and at work) will easily solve and sorry if I’m suggesting something you think is already well enough covered. Just thought it’s generally nice to have a FAQ as comprehensive as possible without being bloated.

Just install it, in ubuntu it’s:

sudo apt-get install libmpg123-0  

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Cheers atte. I assumed, as all my media players obviously cope with mp3 no problems, there might be something specific to do for Renoise. That seems to have done it though so nice one.

If you mean the other software can play mp3 “by themselves” and “strange that renoise can’t handle mp3 with out this lib” the devs know better, but I assume it’s a matter of:

  1. not having to reinvent mp3 related sufff ->
  2. use existing lib, but on linux you can’t just include a GPL’ed lib in a closed source app (because of license restrictions) ->
  3. use the lib as an external lib (which means the user has to install it herself)

I know Renoise can’t install with mp3 support as standard due to licensing and legal reasons (actually quite a minefield, although later MPEG stuff changed and decoding standard became open, although how to encode isn’t defined as such, but that’s well off subject.)

Not sure exactly how Linux works but I wouldn’t think that each piece of software needs its own library but would rather point to the most likely place for it to be installed, like Windows generally dos with the lame.dll (although not all programs do and some use a local version.) As I don’t need to specify it goes into a Renoise directory it seems strange that other media players aren’t using the same library, and thus already installed the required file.

Anyway all good now and I only mentioned it, rather than searching the answer, for completeness sake of the FAQ as one can but hope it would be the first place somebody would look when they realise they can’t open an mp3.

PS. Are you female? Or thinking I am? It’s rare to see people use herself as the generic term, themself is the more correct term for a sexless him/herself although a lot of people just use the masculine form (well it is MANkind innit ;) )

It is still quite dangerous to try and figure out the holes in the net. An open decoding standard does not mean that it is allowed to be used freely if used commercial.

Would enclosing a generic library work on all Linux distributions out of the box?
Unfortunately not. And installing a particular library does not work the exact same way on every Linux distribution either. In general the installation-concept is the same, but locations differ and methods to do system wide installs as well.

This library is installed on /usr/lib/ and I think most distros put it there, except when you compile it from source or install from some external source, then it goes to /usr/local/bin.

The library is distributed under LGPL not GPL so renoise could include it with distribution. If it was gpl renoise shouldnt use it at all.

The whole MP3 licensing thing is so confusing that it’s better not to even pretend any of us here know what is exactly legal and what is not.