mp3 support for renoise

I dont know where to put this, so I put it here …

since there has been some discussion about mp3-support for renoise, I just want to point this website out :

and especially this one :

just for your attention.

and stick to ogg please ;) its open source.

have I already mentioned that I finished the OGG import here ? :)


As samples, or what?

Should the ability to load mp3’s into renoise just be restricted to what codecs you have installed on your computer? Shouldnt be necessary for renoise to register anything for that? Or am i wrong?

Reading mp3 files would be very nice, because you can store long samples as mp3’s.

I rememeber installing some mp3 codec, and suddenly I could load and save mp3’s in lots of software. And I dont believe that software had to pay lots of money for mp3 support, becayse the ability to use codecs is built into the OS.

a special RNOGG (pron: r’nog) format, with OGGed samples, would be beautiful (something like XmPlay’s mo3 format).

toa is right. If we use only the in windows available codecs, we dont have to care about the licencing. But this DIrectMedia stuff is a hell to program (well, at least I hate it), so I never really loved to do it …

Join the Renoise team, Yannick! :)

Yep RNOGG would def. be cool. It would definately stimulate spreading modules instead of renditions, esp. if there was a nice player lib so people would do some plugins for f.e. winamp (…).

i think would be better to make separate internal option for each sample how to store it in the module. then it will be the same *.rns file, but you can choose wanted method of packing. for example three methods “not packed”, “lossless” and “ogg”.

would be also great to use smart caching system to improve perfomance while playing packed samples. example of such smart caching algorithm in few routines:


  1. if packed then decode data to the cache


  1. check if the sample is packed, if it’s not then play the sample as it is.
  2. if packed then use decoded data in the cache


  1. if sample isn’t packed then modify the normal sample data.
  2. else modify the data in the cache
  3. set attribute “edited” for this sample in cache.


  1. if sample isn’t packed then leave it as it is.
  2. encode data from the cache to the original sample data place in the memory.
  3. unset attribute “edited” for this sample in the cache


  1. check if the sample with “edited” attribute and encode it to original sample data place in the memory.
  2. save the sample data


  1. find all samples with “edited” attribute and encode them to original sample data place in the memory.
  2. save song

something like that… but there could be more options and feature here…

And you would never tell me what API this is (how its called) ? ;)

Found it. Thanks for the tip Yannick …
For others who are interested in this topic : click me for C++ example code

I don’t see why you would need MP3 import into Renoise. Since MP3s are compressed, it seems stupid to me, esspecially if you want high quality.

MP3 import makes kind of sense to me. I wouldn’t use MP3 for storing samples, but for remixing it would be very handy. What I really don’t see the point with is MP3 (or any lossless packing) of samples inside i song!?! (As discussed in another thread).

What I really don’t see the point with is MP3 (or any lossless packing)
of samples inside i song!?! (As discussed in another thread).

Is nice for compos …

There are so many mp3 encoders and file converters out there right now…

I don’t see the need for renoise to directly either LOAD or SAVE TO mp3.

You can do that with so many external programs.

I think taktik’s time would be better spent working on performance
and speed, maybe adding some internal synths or more fx.

You can convert any .wav to .mp3 with all the programs around.

Let taktik work on renoise, not on making sure you don’t need to exit
renoise to convert your sample from .mp3 to .wav or turn your song
into an mp3.

Just use an external program for that, so he can spend his time developing
and refining this wonderful piece of software.



there are also few more benefits in supporting high-compression format like OGG or MP3.

  • more songs included in Renoise installation archive - this doesn’t mean much to current users but new users will appreciate more examples

  • sample packs included with Renoise installation - to get you started, again more usefull for new users

The point of using MP3 for samples is not to achieve worse quality but to achieve smaller song/module size. However if MP3 quality for samples is not too bad then you’ll end up with song that sounds practically the same but is much smaller in size which is usefull for compos and stuff mentioned above.

And again, it is a choice, you don’t have to use it if you don’t need it…

sample-based mp3 support for renoise is highly appreciated over here. it would simplify a lot of circumstances for me and my needs.
@192kbps and above there’s hardly any audible difference between compressed and uncompressed material, which applies at least for the majority of all possible samples.
omg… i just caught me looking forward on too many decent features which are being in progress for renoise.
if only half of them are going to be implented, i’m gonna be one hell of a god damn happy man :D

…if just registering wouldn’t be that much of a problem for me :(

anyways, way to go!