Mp3 Support

The ability to load mp3 files (and oggs) into the sample editor would be a good idea. I often steal bits of songs: vocal snippets á la Akufen, drum hits, etc…
Often these are from my library of mp3s, but I have to open them in a wave editor first and export them as wavs to use in Renoise.

Anyone else agree?

I’m not sure about .OGG but this is already possible with .MP3. Just download mpglib.dll from (right side) and put mpglib.dll into your renoise binary directory. You will be able to load .MP3 files as samples.

Sonicade :walkman:

Mp3 and ogg are both supported by the library, though not all mp3 / ogg types seem to work, but this is a problem with the incompatability of the library itself.

Since it’s a third party library, nothing will be done to improve it and there won’t be any native MP3 import support either. (at least not as long as Frauenhofer institute won’t drop their license policy about implementation of their decoding algorithm)

Ah OK. Missed that one, I’ll try it out.

Just thought I would mention- why mp3 anyway?.. from what I understand, mp3’s take ten times the amount of processing power that a wav file needs to play. I could be absolutly wrong, but I doubt it as Roland was thinking about letting users have the ability to use mp3’s in the roland v synth (as oscillator waveforms), but they decided not because the keyboard tips over the way it is (mainboard has a 300 mhz processor and 50 mb of memory)… so considering what a computer has to do to play the files, then take into account the fact that mp3 don’t sound that great (especially fr audio production- bleh). I also asked my audio teacher about this and he confirmed it as well.

This is not an issue in this case, since the dll imports the mp3 on load and is not used when playing. That’s why it takes a lot of time to import an mp3 compared to a wav. So after import it is stored in memory (and in rns files) as wav.

ok- I wasn’t exactly sure how that worked- but I still stand by the idea that mp3’s should be left out of audio production, unless @ 320 kbps- but even then… I don’t like the idea- I mean c’mon, alot of people go through crazy trouble to get a high s/n ratio, and then to go and put it through lossy compression, kinda counter productive IMO… I just like everything nice and clean (except for the mutilating of audio on purpose).

I totally agree, except for someone may want to use OGG samples to exchange versions of a multiauthor song, or may decide to release an RNS file to the public with OGG samples.

I can agree with that too- that’s only practical when playing hot potato with a track though- besides- ogg gets a break cause it’s beats up mp3’s :P