Mp3s Into Renoise

Just reinstalled renoise on my computer where is the thing from the downloads page that lets you load mp3s into renoise???


Instead of the Mpglib.dll file you now need to instal quicktime.

Or quicktime alternative

This is only for 1.8 ofcourse.

I installed the codec pack suggested by this site and this feature does not work…is there any reason at all that this was changed? It sure was a lot smoother to just drop a dll in the directory and didn’t require something on my computer I don’t want to be installed at all…

I’ve been decoding mp3’s using xmplay ever since…I’ve been quiet about it, but last night, I was getting mightily upset since I downloaded a samplepack that was entirely mp3. :(

Bantai…I think you’re missing the point…I’d rather either A.) Find an alternative to loading mp3’s into renoise directly or B.) Just keep doing it the way I’m having to do it now by using xmplay to decode mp3’s into wav. Quicktime likes to hijack windows bigtime and that’s a double wammy for me because I’m not a big fan of the program (or it’s attempt at YET another proprietary format for file types that already HAVE good algorithms! WMA was already on the verge of redundancy, and M4A jumped that line by leaps and bounds as did their .MOV format.

All that aside, all I can do is retort into kindergarten dares: “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME INSTALL IT!”

I mean, how large of a royalty must ReNoise pay to include mp3 sample support? I’d rather have that tagged onto the user base so that it’s native without requiring external programs being installed…

At any rate, it’s more of a nuisance than a ‘OMG, I RENOISE SUXXORS CUZ OF TEH LAME MP3 DOOKY!’.


They’d need to give like $50,000 for a license from some German jerkoff.

You mean Quick Time Alternative? Because this is the first time I hear that it doesn’t work.
Anyway I don’t like installing stuff either, but Real Alternative and QT Alternative are pretty much a must, at least for internet media.

Yes, I installed the alternative. I’ve had the real alternative on my comp for a while because of a site called ( :D ), but I’m not a big movie and music watcher and such. If it requires a program I don’t have, I usually just go someplace else.

…wouldn’t LAME work? Is there LAME for mac?