Mpreverb2 Quality

Am i right to assume, that the new mpReverb2 works on premium quality settings by default now?

I was wondering this myself also. To be honest I think I’ll sometimes miss the quality parameter, cause you could take advantage of the lofi sound in certain situations. Not really the end of the world though. :)

Exactly why i’ve asked. I’ve used this as special effect in some older songs too. :)

Well, if you want the old mpreverb, you can load your old songs and if i should be correct, the old mpreverb still loads up in 1.9.
If you really desire the old mpreverb i would recommend you to save it in 1.8 as an Fx Chain and then load up the fx chain in 1.9 as old fx preset (along with the old distortion and old gate device) :)

That’s a handy tip. Haven’t thought of this. :)

Then lets make that a feature and create a real lofi mode. I’ll ask Mindplay if thats OK with him.

What about


-> “Warm” would be the current quality.

I’m all about gritty, experimental noise - there’s no way I could be against that.

Bring it! :)

/ mindplay

How about the possibility of a “High Cut” parameter to go along with the “Low Cut”?

One thing I do all the time is to take a nice analogue style bass sound with rich harmonics, such as a square wave, sawtooth, something with pwm, etc. I route this to a send track with “keep source” enabled. Then on the send track I remove (by EQ or Filter2) all of the low frequency content and apply effects such as reverb to the remaining high frequency content. This technique can really help to give more life and an “airy” feel to synth bass sounds without creating a lot of dirt/muddiness in the low frequencies (reverb on bass is bad mmmkay!).

So yeah… it would be super-slick if mpReverb2 also had a High Cut parameter.


taktik: could be the ‘missing parameter’ that would fill out that empty control space of yours? :)

(PS: taktik: if you implement this control, make it’s parameter range relative to the low-cut frequency, otherwise you’ll end up simply cutting out everything…)

Taktik / Mindplay:

What are some of the specifics behind the way the reverb quality works? Am I right to assume that the quality is determined by the number of delay lines used internally? If so, how about making the number of delays adjustable instead of having 3 fixed modes? Is there a technical reason against it… such as needing to pre-calculate a lot of stuff for each mode?

If there’s no huge reason against it, perhaps it could be made into a normal parameter/slider to create a nice expanded range of possibilities for the user. Extremely low quality settings (ie. you can actually hear only a handful of individual delays) could be useful for making weird glitchy electronic music. Whereas higher settings would obviously be more musically useful. And perhaps other interesting settings might appear inbetween. There’s a certain “quality” to the sound of the 3 old quality modes, almost a certain harmonic flavour to each one. Perhaps making the quality parameter into a slider will reveal more of these unique flavours which we can take advantage of.


quality is controlled by the number of reverb lines, yes - but there’s quite a few parameters for every delay line, other than just time, and these are not calculated, they’re preset… you don’t get good reverb parameters by calculating, I’m afraid - at least not any way I could find… so they were preconfigured, for each mode, by experimenting and listening.

Fair enough.
It already sounds wicked so I think I can live with 3 modes. :)

The only thing that made me think of it in the first place was the “Ambience” VST by SmartElectronix. It has a variable quality parameter which works quite well.


Abmience also chews CPU like mad :P

well, if I put work into it, I’m sure I could come up with some way to precalculate suitable parameters.

a crude solution would be to simply blend linearly between the preset parameter sets. although I’m sure you would still hit settings where the phases of two or more reverb lines clash and cause audible phasing…

I don’t know how they do it. perhaps something to do with prime numbers? I don’t really have the time or the energy to delve into it <_<

Bringing back the quality switches would be great. :)