Ms Uses Pirated Software


try it out for yourself:

go to

c: WINDOWS Help Tours WindowsMediaPlayer Audio Wav  

(Windows users only)
and open a WAV file with notepad:

you will find at the bottom of the file that the file has been created with a pirated version of SoundForge :lol:


Hehehe… that was fun :D

But how on earth did anyone find this??

No big deal…
Microsoft in the past had copied kernel-code from the Stacker routines to add in their double-space driver in the past.

The guys from Stacker sued Microsoft and they won, but the process took so long and costed so much upon lawyers and court-sessions, the company went broke because of it.

Microsoft is one big sad disaster.

hmm… where/how you detect the “pirated” version of SoundForge by reading at the wav as txt? What is it that tells the difference between a legal copy and the pirated one?