Mt2 Support? (madtracker)

I used to be a MadTracker user. But now that i’ve found Renoise, I’ve stopped using Madtracker. Would it be possible to make Renoise read my mt2 files? Please implement it :)

I seriously doubt that will be implemented.

I moved from MadTracker2 to Renoise as well.

It seems like all of the built-in FX (flange, delay, distortion, etc) in MT2 are also in Renoise, although in slightly different forms, so I always thought it would be awesome if some l33t tracker/coder could make a conversion utility for MT2 > RNS.

Obviously trying to convert the newer MT3 format files would probably be a total nightmare because of VST settings and all that kinda stuff, but I think MT2 modules wouldn’t be TOO much hassle?

The FX conversion would probably never be perfect but it’d be a very good start at least. You could always readjust things in Renoise later.

But of course… this all depends on if Yannick releases the MT2 module format specs. Dunno if he’s done that already? (I don’t check the MadTracker website much these days… no real need to anymore)

Now if only I’d made backups of all my old .MT2’s :P d’oh

I don’t think this would be implented.
I have this problem with Digibooster Pro from the Amiga computer.
I have converted some songs to XM and then loaded them in renoise.
the only thing you’ll have to do (beside small convertion alterings) is to re-enter the effects

File Format Specs of mt2 are online.

I also changed from mt2 to Renoise and somehow importing a 3rd generation format doesn’t seem to be planed at all…

But: Renoise is one of the few trackers that supports .mid now. And later exporting will also be possible.
If the other 3rd generation trackers would do the same, then we’d simply have a basic platform to save and import our songs with.
That’s not the same as simply importing a module with its samples and all the pattern fx. But on the other hand…How many Renoise users truly create native independed modules with Renoise? Renoise is being used more and more with VST’s and external synths. From now on the same is happening with MadTracker and Sk@le seems to experience the same since its first versions…(don’t joke about the ‘first versions’ thingie, ok? ;) )

If we think about Logic and Cubase (not that they could ever reach the power of a tracker :) ) then we find out that Logic doesn’t support .all and Cubase doesn’t support .lso but both support .mid .

However, I belong to the ones who would apreciate it, if 3rd generation modules would be supported by different trackers somewhen because I don’t really like to compare the tracker scene with the roll-seq. scene. Too much business and competition up there for my taste. ;)
But I’m afraid, that’s not of anyones interest :huh:

I think the renoise fileformats should be completely documented and opened up for the public, so people can create their own additional tools for renoise songs. Things like file converters, renderers, cleaners etc. don’t need to be a part of renoise itself imho. A lot of cool external renoise tools can make renoise more usable/popular while at the same time keeping the program itself lean and mean.

Also I think the formats should be XML :)

Oh and make the player engine open source so everyone everywhere can play .rns, take some weight off the renoise developers, and improve the quality.

you can’t expect this to happen soon: releasing the 1.281 format would be quite useless, because if differs from 1.5

Let developers have a rock stable format for 1.5 and then let’s see what happens.

Also, if users will continue asking for great new features, the format will evolve continuosly in some unpredictable way. (I’m not saying that we should not ask for new features: I’m saying that we cannot pretend both new features and format specs)

On my side, I will push them to release the specs, but only when this will be useful.

I don’t agree that it is impossible to design a file format to be flexible and both backwards and forwards compatible. The problem probably is that it wasn’t designed that way, and redesigning it would be too costly at the moment. Most people want new features and not under-the-hood improvements that we can’t see directly.

As a developer myself I think making the renoise fileformats suitable for opening them up would be a good thing for renoise. Maybe opening up the player engine aswell, maybe as a free library or maybe even as open source.