Multi-Chain Doofer?

Would it be possible to spend the multi-track behavior of the Instrument effect-chains to the Doofer? That’d effectively be the same as exclusive track sends / group sends. That would be MOST AWESOME, as it for example would also allow to setup native multiband-devices outside instruments. Multi-band compression, Multi-band limiting, la la la… :) And actually already everything for a solution like that is there, right!? :)

Yeah I would really like some way of doing “sends” inside a Doofer, multiband or otherwise. How it would work from a UI point of view I’m not sure but it would be a massively powerful feature that I would use a lot.

Including send devices was possible at first, but there was no way of telling to which sendtracks they were linked to and which other devices were controlled if you stored these setups into a preset and blindly loaded these presets back in a song environment where the send-tracks lacked. And it seemed to be an incredible hassle to invent a concept where all related tracks and devices would be somehow stored into the configuration. Specially in cases where already existing send-tracks and/or devices would have to be overwritten etc.
Hence the doofer is a single-track-only device.