Multi input VST effects

Just wondering how to route audio to multi-input VSTs - for example variety of sound’s density has four inputs, the first two for signal audio and the second two for an external sidechain - How would I route one track to the first pair and another to the second?

I found some stuff in the tutorials for multiple output routing but haven’t noticed anything on input selection.

Am I missing something or does renoise just not support this yet? If it’s the latter is there still a way of voting on this stuff? Thought I remembered something in backstage but I don’t see it now…

No, Renoise does not support this yet unfortunately.
The voting has been more or less replaced by the early beta sessions and allowing people to submit their ideas to the existing new features (either for change or extension).

There was a wonderful article about ThrillSeekerLA mentioned in VarietyOfSound’s Facebook feed today:

Apparently, ThrillSeekerLA can accept multiple inputs so that it manages side-chaining on its own (i.e. without help from Signal Follower).