Multi Lfo ?

just some brainwaves, how about a lfo tool that has for example 8 lfo’s in itself and then you could set it up a bit like how reason’s combinator programmer works ? because atm using 8+ lfo’s on one track sent to 8 midi cc devices is getting kinda hectic !! actually how about a ‘combinator’ for renoise’s internal tools ? then it could have its own dedicated screen and so on./…

well… just one of those bonus request feature’s, in case the team runs out of priority work. :rolleyes:

I have no experience with Reasons combinator tool, what is it & how does it work?

I’d personally like to be able to send LFOs to multiple parameters… but this sounds good too :P

mmm forget the combinator, basicly i would like a screen (with its own viewport like the mixer etc) that shows you all controlls inside a dsp chain

So while we’re at it, we might as well add that we want proper effect routing with parameter chaining too :P

that would pretty much be perfect aint it ? well then maybe also add a internal scripting tool to controll all those parameters, stuff like

when, lfo #3 >= 80% trigger device # 4 and sustain + 30% while device # 7 volume <=50


Don’t need scripting for that… just a threshold metadevice ;)

The Threshold Device…that’s a sweet title for a science fiction novel :rolleyes:

my vote for multiple lfos. in a tabbed view or whatelse.