Multi-Parameter Edit

On some DAWs you can hold Ctrl to select a few parameters and move them all at the same time with the mouse. Gang movement. Would something like this be feasible with Renoise 2.8? Or would it require a much large structural overhaul in the code to cause the suggestion to be put off for later? I know you can already set this up with the Hydra as a work around, but being able to be gang movements while mixing would be brilliant for workflow. Wouldn’t be a high priority need though.


Would be nice, but would probably be very hard to automate if you would perform the action with the right mousebutton (Besides the fact that a Hydra serves the better purpose for automation tasks).

Hydra always moves things in Absolute values, selecting and dragging multiple sliders I would expect to move Relative to current value.

EG: Two volumes, one at 0dB, one at -3dB. I want to pull them both down 1dB.

Hydra - This would cause them both to jump to the same value.

Ganged adjustments: Both would move by the same amount and give you the required -1dB and -4dB.

made a request for this before, something like ‘parameter chaining’. i’d love to have this. have it apply to DSP sliders and mixer-sliders as well.
i just have the feeling this is not something for 2.8 yet.