Multi-playlist Multi-output Software..

Anybody here have a good suggestion for a player for mp3/wav etc that can display multiple playlists (at least two or three), and lets me customize shortcuts for play, next, pan, prev, vol. etc for each of the playlists without alt+tabbing between them.

I currently use 4 or 5 instances of XMplay, which is awesome in many ways, but since I have to control two MIDI-keyboards and one knob-infested UC-16 with 4 different presets I kinda need that immediate keystroke on my keyboard to start and stop up to two XMplaybacks at the same time. Oh, and I have multiple outputs (speakers all over the stage) too, and my ASIO for my M-Audio 410 is already in use in Renoise (as I have loops going that I just volume up when needed where I need it)

DJ software come to mind, but I have very limited screen space due to a lot of information I NEED to have visible for overview purpouse (where are the sounds situated on the keys/knobs, + what happens in the next scene), unless I can get hold of an extra monitor, of course. I read about a supposedly sweet little DJ software that could be of great use in the Laptop DJ special from CM, but can’t find that issue right now.

So I ask you guys. :)

I’ll manage OK with XMplay, this would simply make my setup more powerful simplify my workflow quite a bit.