Multi-Take Recording Device

Would about a new Meta Device for recording the incoming audio? I know this can currently be done with external plug-ins but there are a few tweaks to make this particularly useful for Renoise.

Obviously the ability to use more than one, tied to an Instrument slot, so you can record multiple input channels at once.
When recording over a looped section it would create a new slot within the Instrument for each time it loops around and subsequent recordings go into a new slot, rather than one long, continuous file.
A check box to Arm on Looped Section so you can play an intro and then start recording takes once you get to the right part of the song.
Preferably it would be recorded as a single file with movable markers so you can adjust for slight timing errors, at a minimum “handles” would be good (extra seconds either side of active part of sample, commonly used when injecting for video editing.) - This is probably the hardest part but may be possible with scripting as it allows some copy and pasting between samples but it would also be a lot slower if they are actually separate files being manipulated, rather than markers changing position and then you Exporting final decision as a normal sample.

when i record i use voxengo recorder,but i agree that this would be nice to be able to do this inside renoise itself

And does that automatically make a new take each time you play over a looped segment in Renoise?

I guess it does allow you to record multiple channel at once though, correct? Something you can’t currently with Renoise on it’s own as far as I can tell (not been on a multi-channel soundcard for a while as mainly using my laptop which is much faster than my desktop but yet to get a good audio interface for it.)

I know there are basic solutions (I assume for every platform) but it’s just as much about expanding what can be done with it as having it all within the Renoise box. Multi-channel and multi-take recording are two things very much needed in Renoise and this is a way I thought neatly fits the Renoise/Tracker paradigm.

+1 ^_^