Multi-track Recording.

As simple as that. So we can record multiple stereo-ins into multiple sample slots.

It’s probably in the plans, but I thought I might put the post here anyway.

I don’t have multiple audio sources (yet), but this still would rock a lot. It might also require being able to select multiple intruments at once, which would be a cool side effect…

Yes, the recording of Renoise needs some work in:
multitrack recording and better handeling of long samples.

Better handling of long samples is an urgent need in Renoise, much more prior to multi-track recording. Currently recording multi-track long samples may cause subsequent problems in managing and using them in renoise.

I agree… although long samples are a toughy in trackers anyhoo

Yes, and I hope to see a day that Renoise will be the first tracker to defeat this problem. The Beat Slicer idea (see this topic) can be a good start…