Multiaudiooutput For Vsti`s Which Have Several Outputs

I loaded DirectWaveVSTI into an instrument slot 00. Directwave has 16 output channels and 16 programs assigned to midi channels.


1_ how to access those 16 audio output channel ? when i load the intrument it`s assigend to 1 track ,but i need to rout them 16 outputs.

2_ i guess i need a midiout machine (like the one in flstudio) to send midi notes to the midi channel (1 to 16) in ?

Please guys ! i`m new to renoise , so please help me through this.

  1. currently not possible: you can only use one output at the moment (version 1.8)

  2. if you just need to send notes, then there is no difference with normal instruments: simply load the VST instrument, and type in your notes.

if you need to send MIDI CC data, then read here about VSTiAutomateDevice

Thanks Dude .

but this is unbelievebely bad !
bytheway what i meant for part2 of my question was that i need to send midi notes to channel 2 ,3 4,…
so i need somethng that could input my notes from channel 1 and them in output them to midi channel 2 ,3,4,… however i read the manual but i didn`t figure out how , can you just explain this to me ??

I was just using two outputs at once with QLSO Silver yesterday. I just set the next instruments as VSTi aliases for QLSO and select a different midi channels under the instrument settings/vsti instrument properties.

Is this not the same thing? >_>

You can send different midi channels from Renoise to the vsti.
But the sound from the vsti will only play back into one track in Renoise.

That’s strange. It’s playing back in at least two for me. [haven’t gone very far with the song yet]

edit: [10:41] <+shrug> soc… ;)…renoise doesn’t mix them, just takes out-0. in directwave “OUTP.”(vst out!?) just defaults to 001 at all midi-chans. =)

aha! So I guess I can do all the mixing for QLSO inside QLSO itself, just not with Renoise.