Multiband send sometimes doesn't react on low/high change

If I change the low / high value of the multiband send device, it sometimes doesn’t seem to update the change. So I am not really sure that the slider really reflects the actual setting of the device.

drop an xrns ;)

gova, can you reproduce this? Don’t know if it’s only mac.

I use all three parts set to thru and only the middle channel sends to a send track. The filter type is default, but you will hear the problem better if using a steep filter.

Upload the song file and we could see. Maybe it is in fact working, the LR2 filter isn’t steep at all so it may seem like it’s not filtering.

No, it definitively doesn’t react here. Have to reset to default value and then the first value change seem to work, afterwards again no change anymore.

can I has .xrns?