Multichannel Vst Outputs Only On One Track


I am using a VST instrument (Kore player) with a drum kit, using different tracks for bass drum, snare, highhats etc.
I am having different tracks because I’d like to have different effects on every track.
However, this doesn’t work. It seems like the VST instrument outputs only on one single track which contains a mix of all source tracks.
Is this the general nature of VST instruments or is there anything I can do about that?

I understand that can workaround this problem by using separate VST instruments for every channel, but maybe there is a simpler way?



You need to change the output routing settings for the plugin:

Here you can enable each output and assign them to different tracks in Renoise.

Thanks, that’s it.
However, it seems that Kore player has no multichannel output at all. There is only one bus (Bus #1).

Ah, that’s a shame.

Well, if you ever upgrade (or use other multi-channel plugins), at least you know where to look now :)

Yeah, I’ve got some other VSTs which do have multichannel outputs.
So, thank a lot again.

if multiple outs are not supported by the plugin, you can of course still use multiple instances of the VSTi.
creates some cpu overhead, but other than that, should serve the purpose.

I guess I will render at least my VST drum kits into sample kits. I still feel a bit more intuitive to work with samples than with VSTs.