Multicolumntrack -> Seperate Tracks

i make the same mistake in all of my songs. I put all the percussions (kick, hihats, claps and so on) in the same track. The problem now: I want to put compressor and gate to several tracks (column) for making a mastermix. I am aware that this wont work.
My question: is there any possibility to copy each column to several tracks in an easy way? I dont wanna spent 2 hours for copy it manually.

i’m afraid that’s the only way to do it, unfortunately…
there’s at least not any “comfy” way known to me.
the same happened to me quite a few times as well, because i’ve always been too lazy to use send devices… but afterall, it really does not make sense to use one track for multiple percussions, unless you plan to only use on and the same fx on’em.
so i know you won’t do the same mistake again in the future, will you? :)

the fastest way i know to do this is to go to the column you want to copy. press “home” to get to the top. then ctrl-B, then “end”, then ctrl-E. (this way you marked a block from Begin to End) then ctrl-C, move to the destiny track, and ctrl-V.
the fastest way I know, but the nicest way would be if we could assign different notes from a midi-input to different channels. (regarding an m-audio trigger finger is on my wishlist… :D )…


I was afraid of there is no alternative, but i still hoped :-/

sorry but the fastest way I found:

ctrl+shift+f4(or f3) on the column and shift+f5 on the track you want to copy it into.

I’m looking for a faster way everywhere, but there may not be another apparently.