Multieffect Pedal

I’m looking into getting a new Multieffect pedal for my guitar. The one I have now is about 16 years old and think it’s about time to get a new one.

I’m definitely not a professional player or play in a band; only play at the comfort of my own bedroom. Not looking for anything expensive, just something enough to produce some cool riffs out of. So getting a zillion different pedals (even though that would be cool) is out of the question.

The two I’m chosing between are:

Zoom G2.1Nu


Boss ME-25

Anyone have any experience with both or either of them two? Or is there perhaps even a third option (at about the same pricerange) I should have a look at?

Lots of experience with both brands here. I’d say overall the Zoom come out better for amp-sim feel and coolness in effects. The Boss range seems to have a more popular rep. but I can’t stand their amp-sim sound.

I’ve an old Zoom4040 multi-effects unit, I bought it in 1997 and it’s still the best pedal effects unit I’ve used. I have the Boss GT8 which has more bells and whistles but I’m only using it for modest echo and modulation effects plugged in before the Zoom on the effect line. I also have a Boss RC-50, but it’s a hunk of junk in terms of being really dirty on the input line - it peaks out often!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that before all my pedals I’m running the signal through my tube compressor. That stage is utterly critical for a decent sound! Turns an angular, awkward and unworkable sound into a round, solid and organic flow. It’s my poor man’s way of getting a ‘tube sound’ while having some pretty outrageous effecting. And it’s cheaper than you think: an ART Pro VLA II with re-tubed Telefunken tubes ended up costing me around $600, whereas most tube guitar amps are way way way way more expensive than that.

dont forget to checkout POD, my friend has one and it knocks the shite out of my zoom gx1.