Multilayered sample instruments


I was under the impression that we have support for multilayering samples in an RNI (each sample of an RNI can be mapped anywhere on the keyboard). But the help file states that each sample should be mapped to a defined boundary without overlap.
I could be wrong. What is the status of sample multilayering in Renoise?


Samples can be mapped anywhere on keyboard but not 2 samples on 1 key.

Did you mean overlapping 2 samples on SAME key? how good is that?


multilayered (ML) samples are different frm multisample (MS) samples:

ML can be set to play different samples according to different velocity ranges, and also they can play more than one sample at a time (overlap), to “soften” the transition between zones or to gain some other effects (f.e. for string instruments).

having such a format built in ReNoise would be fantastic.

PS: I’m saying this since ages :)


Oh please don’t do that :o you guys will make my hardware sampler completely obsolete Don’t you guys have a heart ? :D That thing costed me dear money.



I really thought that this was discussed before - that is why I wanted to know the status of it. I may have been wrong. It may have been a suggestion by It-Alien :) A good suggestion though!


Thanks It-Alien for the explanation. You explained it well! It actually sounds much much better than what I had in mind :)