multiple effect olumns - interpolation of only one

(wOODSHIt) #1

hi there
i like this prog, ill buy it some day

ok: here’s my quest:

i got some multiple effects columns in a track, and im selecting a block and want to INTERPOLATE.

But. I want only to interpolate one effect!

as the interpolation goes, it does all the effects.
so how to interpolate values in one effect?


(wOODSHIt) #2

hell, i need to know this, anyway, in my next traxx ill use the Send tracks 2 do effects and maybe this way ill do more efficiently, but is there no one having a slightest idea about my quest?

(It-Alien) #3

use CTRL+SHIFT+F3 on a column to cut it, interpolate the other column, then use CTRL+FX+F5 to paste the column back to its place.

(It-Alien) #4

oh damn it’s just stupid typo…

I meant pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F5

sorry :unsure:

(taktik) #5

why making it so complicated ?
Go to the “AdvancedEdit” tab, select “column” as processingrange, navigate to the column you want to interpolate and interpolate.