Multiple Filters

Hello, what a great program. I stumbled across it a week or two ago.

Are there any plans to implement filters/envelops per-sample, rather than per-instrument. This would obviously increase the felxibilty massively.

Cheers, pete.

Good idea.
The thread for changes to the Renoise Instrument format can be found in
this thread:…42f4b61e067662f

The easiest workaround for getting this feature today would be to create
multiple instances of the particular instrument and adjust filter settings on
them individually. Or get a VSTi sampler that can perform this operation.

Or just don’t use the envelopes, but use the DSP filter effects instead in several different send-tracks, then add several send-devices under the track you want to use that instrument in and disable those you don’t want to have applied in the corresponding patterns and enable those you do want to have applied in the corresponding patterns (usung the xF00 and xF01 pattern effect commands to enable and disable the corresponding send-device where x is the related number of the send-device ordered from left to right)

[html]X Yzz - Send zz (00 - ff) value to parameter Y (0 - e) of vst/dsp effect number X (0 - e) in the effect rack of the Track Dsp’s. To turn on or off an effect, send value F as Y parameter:

  • xF00 -> Turn effect x off;
  • xF01 -> Turn effect x on.[/html]

Saves you having more instances of the same sample in different instruments.