Multiple instances on Mac (save settings per instance)

Hello all,

Is there a way to open multiple instances of Renoise on Macintosh OSX and have the settings saved per instance?

I am able to start multiple instances from the command line but they all seem to share the same configuration (last instance that closes wins).
I have tried copying the and naming each different but I get prompted to reinstall the rewire components and it still seems to share the same config.

/Users/ME/Library/Application Support/Renoise I see here that different versions of Renoise will create a folder here. Is there a command line switch that can be used to specify a different Application Support folder?


The only way to do this is using some kind of startup-script (perhaps apple-script?) that copies a specific configuration to that location and then starts Renoise afterwards. Renoise itself will always grab the configuration file from the default spot.

Now that I look, I don’t see the configuration here. I assumed that’s where it was stored. Where is the configuration stored on Mac OSX? Thanks for the reply vV!