Multiple Instrument Select

One interesting workflow tweak I’ve come across lately is merging old, short, unfinished stuff together to create verse/bridge/chorus sets ready to be arranged into full new songs.

Of course, the most tedious aspects of this are copying across the instruments and making sure the corresponding notes are mapped to the new instrument numbers.

My thoughts are that, now is the logical time to introduce multiple instrument selection, as we’ve just had multiple sample selection introduced. The initial purpose is to allow batch copy-to-clipboard, but I’m sure if drag’n’drop between Renoise instances is on the agenda, it will feel much “bigger” than “just” a shortcut to copying many instruments to the clipboard at once.

(The most direct approach to what I’m looking for is having patterns (with preview) as part of the disk-op expando [+] for XRNS files and being able to drag-drop those to the arranger without thinking about DSP-chains, instrument remapping, de-duplication etc., but multiple-instrument selection is easily the simplest way to get the biggest workflow speed gain.)