Multiple Lfo Destinations


I wondered if it was possible to send an LFO to more than one destination at a time?

For example, I might want one LFO controlling a filter cutoff, a band of EQ and the saturation level of a distortion effect - all at the same time … but with only 1 LFO… is that possible or do I need to add more LFO’s?

you need more LFO’s. I suggested a LinkDevice in the past (probably more correct to be named MatrixDevice), which would solve your problem; I think this is something that will implemented in a future version because can be really useful and probably not so difficult to do.

Or maybe simpler still, just allow more destinations to be chosen from within the LFO destinations list.

LFO is not the unique scenario in which you would like to send a value to more destinations: for example there is the VelocityDevice, but lots more