Multiple midi pattern effect commands on a single line?

Hi, I’ve started using the M0 midi pattern effect in order to send CC messages to a plugin. According to the manual this works by entering M0 in the right-most pan column and then xxyy values in the effect column. I’d like to automate two different CC messages to a single plugin on the same line. I’ve created more note columns and pattern effect columns but as far as I can tell I can only use one M0 pattern effect per line per track. If I want to send a second M0 pattern effect on that same line, I have to create a new track and do it there. Is that correct? Is there some way to use multiple M0 pattern effects on a single line in a single track? Or are my options to use multiple tracks, or graphical automation? Thanks

You can also using the Midi control device to send multiple CC messages to the same midi instrument or plugin. In that case you will have to use the automation frame for that.