Multiple Outputs Ghetto Style...

ok- so I had this notion… I was screwing around programming some beats with kontakt- in track 00 I was sequencing kontakt and in 01 I had an amen break loaded. I left 00 dry with no effects (was using kontaks internal effects) and in 01 I had some dsp’s (distortion, eq ect)… well I accidentally forgot to switch instruments while programming in 01, and entered some kontakt notes, and pow- an extra audio channel for kontakt to use (the notes comming out of kontakt were being ran through the dsp’s in 01). So I figured that maybe I could hook up an alias for kontakt on channel 03 and add some effects to a blank 04- wash rinse and repeat (use instrument 03 in 04 when programming)… didn’t work- I cant figure out why though- it’s kinda glitchy though- if I put in some dummy notes in the previous channel to run along side the stuff I’m sequencing in channel 04, it will do what i want SOMETIMES… but I did make ok progress with just using one instrument inside of kontakt and programming those notes into multiple other channels with different effects on each one- which is fine, as I tend to make single instrument with multiple outputs when using something like cubase (I’m too lazy to resample). So it is possible to have multiple audio channels, but i can only get it to work properly with one instrument inside of kontakt. Which is wierd- cause if all instruments in kontakt are sharing one output from kontakt, then in theory I would be alble to achieve what I want to do- arggg- I’m so f*cking close!!!


bah- never mind- if notes are played multitimbraly, the effects of the other tracks steal from each other, so I can’t have multiple effects in going at the same time… :angry: