Multiple Pattern Workflow

as a new user i find working within a single pattern easy enough.
But where the flow stops is in the pattern organizer. Im used to fl-like pianoroll independant blocks that you can move around and slap on whereever you like on a neverending canvas.
The row of set patterns, like sheets of music, seems a ittle bit old and rigid when you come from that background! ( i’ve used energyXT for years…)

I just wonder how you all usually work with patterns in your workflow. Do you start with one, get a groove down and cut, copy & paste like mad to create variations of the pattern, or what is your ususal flow? Maybe im missing something and the patterns organizer is the best way to work in the world!! I really need a revelation here.


dont be shy…

I work in long patterns and then just clone and sequence them. If I keep patterns around 8 bars in length then I don’t need that many.

:guitar: :drummer: :yeah: