Multiple Patterns

A nice feature would be the ability to play two or more patterns simultaneously, like in the sequencer in Buzz, or the playlist in FL Studio. It would make it much easier to program drum beats, as drum beats almost keep repeating through the entire song (usually).

yeah, for me personaly the pattern playlist like buzz fits me better… or perhaps i just need to think better about the song structure before i begin. but in reality i just build as i go… going back and inserting breakdown/variation patterns and stuff. first i thought it’s something i need to get used to… but i don’t think that’s going to happen.

so yeah i really would like a pattern playlist.

mixing patterns like in floops playlist editor would be wicked for arranging, better bigger picture…been suggested a lot of times before, and if I remember correctly the response was that mixing patterns could be a problem because of different patternlengths / speed changes (?)…must be patient till the next big renoise upgrade with aranger shows up :)