Multiple Plugin Folders

(piehands) #1

Hi all, hope you can help, and apologies if this has been answered before - I have searched the forums but couldn’t find anything to answer my question, which is -

Is there any way of being able to have Renoise search more than two VST plugin folder locations? I currently have it set to scan my C: drive’s 64 and x86 plugin folders. However I would also like to add another location for it to scan. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


I’m using Renoise 2.82 btw x

(dblue) #2

Two folders is the limit at the moment.

However, it’s quite simple to make a symbolic link that virtually connects your plugin folders together.

Open up a cmd.exe command prompt window with Administrator rights. You can just search for “cmd” in your start menu (or via Metro on Win8), then right-click it and choose “Run as Administrator”.

From the command prompt, navigate to your plugins folder and use the mklink command:

cd "C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\"
mklink /D "My Other VST Plugins" "C:\Some\Other\Plugins\Folder\"

You will now have a virtual folder “C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\My Other VST Plugins” which links to “C:\Some\Other\Plugins\Folder”, and Renoise will be able to scan your other plugins as normal.

(Adjust your folder names as needed, of course)

(piehands) #3

That’s amazing, thanks so much for the quick help!