Multiple (Plugin Window) Instances Of Confusion

Not a big deal but it would be nice if the title bar of a vst’s editor indicated which instance was which. For instance, if i change the instrument names of three instances of OmniOverlord VSTI to OOLORD lead, OOLORD bass, and OOLORD pad, that name would be reflected in the title bar when the synth’s editor was visible. Perhaps then I would stop accidentally tweaking on the wrong set of knobs all the time. Really, any form of differentiation would do great.

Yeah it can get confusing when you’re tweaking the wrong instrument which I’ve done this too many times accidentally.
I think renoise should put the instrument name in the title bar next to where it says the VSTi/AU name.
For DSPs, since now we can rename them it should show their name too if they have a GUI.

I don’t know if an instance of Renoise “knows” about another instance of Renoise. For me the full filename/songname instead of “Renoise - [ FooB…” would be good enough.