[???] Multiple Renoise Instance Problems (Songs Opened From Jzip)

Hi there,

when I open many Zipped XRNS from inside JZip, I get strange results. This is reproduceable:

For example:

  • ZIP file A contains mysong.xrns

  • Open ZIP file using JZip

  • rightclick on mysong.xrns and launch external

  • Renoise starts loading mysong.xrns

  • ZIP file B contains yoursong.xrns

  • Open ZIP files using JZip

  • rightclick on yoursong.xrns and lauch external

  • Renoise starts with an empty song and instance A is gone

Maybe this is helpfull:
I inspected the JZip process using process explorer and made the following observation:

  • as longs as the JZip instance is open Renoise runs as a child process of JZIp
  • when the JZip instance is closed Renoise will become an own process

Win 7 32 SP1
Renoise 2.7 B7

Works just fine here, even with “JZip”? Can anyone else confirm?

One note: Its expected behavior that the currently running Renoise instance is reused when double clicking a song in the Windows explorer. If you want multiple Renoise instances, then you have to start them manually by launching Renoise more than once from the Windows start menu.

This “reusing” also only happens when a Renoise version is running which is registered in windwos explorer. Aka, if you start Renoise 2.6 while also 2.7 is installed. Double clicking on a XRNS song will start a new 2.7 instance and NOT use the running 2.6 instance.

Yes I noticed that and I have installed Renoise 2.6 and 2.7 parallel,
but the strange thing is, that sometimes the “reusing” doesn’t really load the new song. Instead the empty song is the result.

Another strange thing: for example I had the recording dialog in Renoise open and launched from inside JZip another XRNS.
Nothing happened at all. After closing recording dialog and trying to reopen the XRNS at least the empty song was created.

Maybe this is also a problem of my System ? It’s not the freshest and actually I’ve planned to reinstall Win7.

It could be that the song is erased from the temporary folder or Renoise might not have rights to open the song from the temporary folder which could mean why it opens up the empty template song (Windows 7’s security measures can sometimes go up to the most rediculous situations)

That would make sense. I’ll check it out.
Thanks for the hint !

Now I experienced some other funny behaviour (B7):

After another hanging start from inside a ZIP file it seems that my profile was either lost or damaged.
For example the entries in “last loaded / saved songs” where completely empty.
The profile is permanently damaged, not only for the ZIP file session.

And no I didn’t accidentally clear the menu