Multiple Renoise Instances

Do I just unzip another copy of Renoise or is there another way ?

You just run the renoise.exe twice. Simple as that.

Awesome, thanks.

Mac 10.3.9
I just copied & pasted Renoise_reg > renamed the 2nd copy Renoise_regx2

Can’t you execute the binary twice on Mac like you can on windows and linux?

yes you can

• I have a saved zipped copy of “Renoise_1_9_1_Reg.tar.gz” for Macs in my external drive.

• Unzipping “Renoise_1_9_1_Reg.tar.gz” with "StuffIt Expander 6.0 " on my desktop for a 2nd copy was fine until running an instance of the 2nd copy.

• "An error occurred while initializing the application:

Failed to load the resource file: ‘Icons/HaveEnvelopeAndPatternAutomation.bmp’.

Please reinstall the application, by using the latest installer on !

Please report this problem, by sending a mail with the Log.txt,
a detailed description of the error and your systemconfiguration to:"

• I trashed that particular 2nd copy > instead I just copied & pasted my original working “Renoise_reg” > renamed the 2nd copy “Renoise_regx2” > ran 2 instances slaving one to the other and did some midi tests.

please inform me,what would that be good for??running renoise as slave to renoise??

Just for f@çk of it. But really, good question, kind of motivated me to experiment a bit and try to find somewhat of a decent response as to what its good for.

Syncing it is kind of dicey at times but you can exploit that to your benefit if you find a use for it. One thing I thought was cool was that speed was independent even if slaved. Basically:

Master > 1st instance of song “whatever” > 130 bpm > speed 3 > playing only melody
Slave > 2nd instance of song “whatever” > 130 bpm > speed 6 > playing only percussive

I suppose one could just run one instance and render melody at speed 3

Live Renoise animations would be sweet
Master > all your music
Slave > animations > links: > > >…feature=related

There are few reasons why you might want to run several instances.

  1. Dj’ing
  2. For copying parts of one song to another.