Multiple Samples

Hey, dumb question, from a person who has been tracking for 5 years with fasttracker and almost 1 year with renoise, but…

How do you add multiple samples in one instrument slot?

What i mean is, you have a drumkit (clap, hi-hat, mid-hat, snare) in one instrument number. How do you do this? And is there a way to sort the instruments into different keys on the keyboard?

Been wondering how to do this for years.
Also, I think there are many trackers out there who doesn’t know of this feature.

Thanks in Advance

undeer the instrument box, ther is a little sample box:

the rest should be obvious… anyway…
1 - select a sample slot (shifting with the [+][-] buttons if needed.
2 - load a sample
3 - go to instrument editor
4 - with the desired sample selected, press the key on the virtual keyboard to which you want to assign the sample… et voilà: the corresponding sample number will be written on the key.

Thanks alot IT-Alien!


What made me remember this feature was your long-track .rns file… it had a instr.number with several drum-samples.

Thanks again!