Multiple Selection In Mixer View For One Dsp Chain

Would be nice if we could select multiple plugins in various tracks in the mixer view.
For example one complete track dsp and a reverb of a send channel that the track sends to. Select all these dsps holding down shift in the mixer view and then save the preset.

For example if I design a kick with a snare and an hihat where an env follower on the kick controls the gain of the snare/gain to have a pumping beat. In this setup, I would have to save 43 dsp chains (and 2 instruments): The kick track, the snare track, the hihat track, the sum gainer track… If I could select all necessary dsps and meta devices and save them all to one dsp chain, that would improve the workflow a lot.

… Or is it already possible? (didn’t find anything in the manual)

How exactly should all this complex stuff be saved into a single DSP chain? And how exactly should that “single” DSP chain be re-loaded into a new song that has no understanding of the original setup?

Tracks are tracks, instruments are instruments. They cannot easily be merged together right now, otherwise this feature would already exist. What you’re describing (a mixture of instruments, tracks, custom routings, etc) is basically a song. Right now we don’t have any native functions to load a song within an existing song, and this definitely won’t make it into 2.8 even if we did start to work on such a concept.

It is called “Save Song” and could as well be a “tempate song” if you desire to use it as an offset for each project.

Simply all selected dsps will be saved, and on load, for all send dsps a new send track will be created. All missing track structure will be created at load.

for drums especially it is called render to sample

once you process drums to the state when you are happy with it, resample it and then you can use
drums sounding that way in other songs - ofc you will need to eq and process it according to new song
but you pretty much have to do that with everything in new song